Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun at the Park (with GREEN grass!)

Vincent hanging out in the tent Beth put out for him. I think
he played it all of four or five times. He spent the rest of our time
in Minnesota trying to get into trouble

Heather and Vincent (2nd cousins!)

We decided to go to the park since the
weather was so perfect

It was Vincent's first time in grass (no, seriously). He did NOT
like it. He kept lifting up his legs and hands. We were all mean
and found it extremely comical


I showed Hayden how to roll down a hill
(something I haven't done since... I lived here
when I was 10?!?!) She ran all the way up
the hill and kind of chickened out... she decided scooting down on her butt was just as fun

Vincey with his Grandma

Beth being an evil aunt and laughing at poor
Vincent's confusion over whatever-it-was-he

Vincent has this new permanent
(blonde!) mohawk/faux-hawk. It's
kind of interesting

"Ok, really. I'm done with the grass now."

Hayden had been trying to climb up the slide as Brendan
came down it. This is her "OH NOEZ!" look as she ran to
get out of his path

Skipping together

Skipping is very exhausting


Yep. That's my daughter