Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Shower

Alice hosted me a baby shower back in October. It
was a pretty good turn out and lots of fun. Here are
some pics

Alice makes cakes as a hobby. She made my cake from
scratch and designed it herself (AND it tasted good)

Rhapsody, Alice, Jay, and Sue playing "The String Game"

I just posted this picture to show my belly. I was
around 34 weeks pregnant

I wanted to show off Hayden's t-shirt too

Jarrod wasn't taking very good pictures for some reason.
I wanted to show my belly again (I got VERY pregnant
looking) and to show how Grace won The String Game
(can you see how small her piece is?)

Justin, Matt, and Andrea playing the grossest baby shower
game ever

I wished this picture would have turned out better. Matt
was trying to get Hayden to "cheat" by giving him answers

A 3-way tie!