Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hayden's 1st "Real" Haircut

Alice literally "wearing" Vincent

Over-exposed, but still pretty decent

Hayden getting her first "real" haircut. We went to this great
place where they let her sit in a car-chair and she was able to
watch Spongebob. The girl cutting Hayden's hair was also
absolutely wonderful

Vincent looks so worried!

I didn't take an "after" shot with my camera, so I just took this
photo with my cellphone. We went with a "bob." It's a lot less
maintenance and Hayden looks adorable!

I let Vincent try some applesauce. A little early, but he seems so
interested in food. He didn't like it at all though, so we stopped. I
was hoping it'd be a little longer before he was really totally
digging solids

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vincent in his Jump-Up

Vincent likes his Jump-Up a lot. So much,
he was even comfortable enough to fall
asleep in it!

Grandma reading a book to her grandbabies

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Belly! (and 2 of the Kids)

Hayden has gotten into "carrying" Vincent. She put him on the
couch and then "put him to bed." She proceeded to put herself
to bed. Made for a cute picture (you can't really tell to well, but
in this second one, Vincent is smiling)

Went to meet up with one of my clients who
is due any day now and took a few pictures.
I was only going to post a few, but I about
fell in love with almost all of the pictures.
They turned out great

I know the heart thing is cliche, but I think it is so cute

I loved how they looked at each other

Hey! A picture of me! I'm a pretty lucky
doula though, I must say so

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lots of Black & Whites

Vincent is getting strong on his stomach

Hayden playing with him. She's really started to interact with him
more, now that he's getting older

She was cracking him up

Sitting up by himself