Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hayden and Vincent

For the record, yes - she does wear Spider-Man PJs
ALL the time. When at home, she's either naked or in
one of her 3 pairs of Spider-Man PJs

Vince is already showing he's an "old soul." He's very
observant and his attention span is three times what
his sister's is. He always scrunches up his eyebrows
as if he is very aware and conscious about what is
going on around him

Ms. Peanut Butter and Jelly wanted her picture taken

Vince cries when he realizes I am not there
or not holding him. He likes to be near his
food source - my boob is his favourite
pillow. And if someone else is holding him
and he hears me - he'll holler till he's
with me. It's a far cry from Hayden - who
is super independent. I don't mind though.
They're only this little once. And, actually,
as I am writing this - Vincent is hanging
out on the Boppy in my lap because he
won't lay on the bed. Lol. I've got me a
mama's boy!

See, he stopped crying when I put my hand on his chest

Look at those lashes...

Hayden is fascinated by water. She loves making bubbles
and pouring water into cups. She's such a smart little
child. Hence why she's such a trouble maker...

Hayden doesn't like to see Vincent
getting his picture taken if she is not
in it too. Hayden's a "spotlight"
child - and this is the pose she gave
me when I told her to "say cheese"

I wanted to show their size/height

Hayden - 2 1/2 years old

Hayden giving Vincent his pacifier

Vincent - 2 weeks old

Holding his head up

Hayden posing for the camera again