Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick Update

I probably won't be able to post pictures for awhile. The kids and I have been extremely busy and I haven't been spending too much time on the computer (which is for the best, I am sure!) I have tons of photos that I have taken over the last couple of days, but it might be some time before I can upload them.

I just wanted it known that we did (finally!) hear from Jarrod. He sounds great! His graduation is on March 20th, so I am looking at plane tickets to get us out to San Antonio. He really does seem like he is having a good time though. He was joking with me and laughing a lot. I think the military life is going to suit us just fine.

A few people have also asked about where we are going to be stationed. We don't know yet. We will not know until around mid-April. The recruiter showed us where people with Jarrod's job tend to be located, which included 2 bases in California, 1 in Alaska, and 2 in Europe - but it's all speculative. We'll know more when Jarrod is in tech school.