Thursday, April 2, 2009

Late 5 Month Update for Vincent

This is a little late, but we've been very busy. On the 1st, my first *official* doula client had a beautiful homebirth! I also have tons of client photos to edit and have been working at running errands for Jarrod.

So, Vincent is 5 months old! It doesn't seem that it was 5 months ago that he was born. He seems younger than that to me. I'm trying to remember Hayden at his age and it's difficult. Time really does just fly by.

Vincent has started getting really excited over things. He about leaped out of Andrea's hands to attack a water bottle. If you wear your hair down near him, it's likely to end up curled into his death-grip. He's rolling all over the place, especially if something is in his sight. Everything he gets his hands on goes straight to his mouth. I am pretty sure he is teething. He's been really cranky lately and it seems as if something is bothering him. I haven't felt swollen gums, but he's showing all the other signs of teething.

I don't know how much he weighs, but I do know he is 27 inches long. He's grown over half a foot since he was born! He no longer fits in the 6-9 months clothes, so I've been on the hunt for 9-12 month onesies.

Vincent has also become quite vocal. He "yells" at people now when he's upset and he blows spit bubbles and raspberries when he's happy. His giggle is infectious. He doesn't laugh as much as Hayden did as a baby, though. I still think he's an "old soul."

He has become quite "jumpy." He loves to move and we bought him a jumper that he adores. He could bounce in that thing for hours if I let him. He's fallen asleep in it on more than one occasion.

Hayden doesn't appreciate the fact that Vincent can now hold, reach for, and eat her toys - but she has been showing a lot of affection for him lately. She often tells him, "It's okay!" and asks him why he's crying. She doesn't like to see him upset. When he's in his jumper, she tries to sneak around us so she can "swing" him. It looks completely unsafe, but it makes both of them crack up (until Hayden gets caught, that is). I love seeing how Vincent looks at Hayden. He'll follow her around the room. I think they're going to have a great relationship as they get older (or, at least, I hope so!)

You can kind of see it in his face that he does not feel well. I tried
to get him to "sit up" in this picture, but he wasn't going for it. In
his 6 months pictures, he'll probably be sitting up!

He also insisted on lying like this... Getting him to sleep now is
difficult because he's trying to roll/scoot. I think he may crawl
kind of early. He always seems like he's in a rush to get somewhere

The progression from 1 month to 5 months