Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At the Science Museum

Sarah and I decided to take the kids to the science museum. Despite
it being right around nap time, the kids made it through ALL of the
exhibits! (Except for one, but it was because Hayden was scared) It
was a lot of fun. The lighting was horrible, but I did the best I could
for photos

A giant map of Arizona

(a real slice of a human brain)

This was at the Lego exhibit

This was the exhibit that scared Hayden. She
ran out of there screaming and it took me a long
time to get her calm

(this was, surprisingly, post-meltdown!)

This is actually a mirage-type thing

This screen could recognize your shadow, and the little digital
"bead" things would pile up on you. It was interesting

Hayden figured out this computer well enough to take a photo of
herself (I helped draw the person)

This was interesting because I could see the shape of it with my
eyes. Once I adjusted the shutter speed on my camera, however, it
was able to catch it. Very cool