Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christrmas Eve

The embarrassing thing I made Vincent wear. His bib says, "Who
needs Santa when I have Grandma?"

We finally got rid of all of Hayden's pacifiers (she exchanged
them for a Wall-E pillow), but she's been trying to sneak them lately.
She mostly steals them from Vincent. This is her, "You caught
me!" look

All taken right before church started. During mass, the Deacon invited all the children up on to
the steps. Hayden wanted to go too, and was obviously the youngest person on stage. Jarrod had to
go up and get her after a couple of minutes because she kept poking the girl next to her. The girl had
on this colorful dress and you could hear Hayden going *poke* "Red." *poke* "Green." *poke*
"Yellow." The girl was VERY annoyed and looked like she was going to slap Hayden. When
Jarrod went to grab Hayden, I was in tears from trying not to laugh aloud. Hayden is VERY
friendly and we all kind of agreed that the other little girl was being a tad uptight

Jarrod pointed out that they weren't treating Baby Jesus that well...

What I get when I tell her to model her dress. I bought that
dress last year one-size too big in hopes she'd be able to wear it one
more time (success!) For a comparison - this is last year's shot:

She's definitely gotten taller! And grown a lot more hair...

Back to this year... playing at the park after communion

Fail... oh - and as for the socks and sandals - I HATE that. It
was the MIL's doing

At Ihop afterward

Giving Jarrod dirty looks

Blowing spit bubbles

The kitchen we put together for Hayden. I am such a mom now. I can
not WAIT to see Hayden open up all of her gifts. I could care less about
what I am getting - I want to see her face when she sees what she's

All the presents under the tree (there's a few more). We went a little
overboard this year