Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vincent Update

Vincent Henry Thomas - 2 months old
He currently weighs 10 pounds and is 23 inches in length

So, I wrote an entry about Vincent and then it was deleted - so I have to start all over again. Fun, fun, fun...

Vincent is officially 2 months old and I can't quite figure out where all the time went. My perception of time has been horrible since I've had children. A friend of mine just had a baby a couple of days ago, and it amazed me to see Vincent next to her because he seemed huge by comparison and he's only 2 months older! Everyone always told me, "Kids grow up too fast!" and I always ignored the comment. Now, I understand!

Vincent's personality is really starting to shine through. He is laid back, for the most part, but he does have a temper and he does have a dramatic side. He is nothing compared to Hayden, so I don't mind too much. He smiles a lot when we smile at him and he only seems to get upset when taken from me, though he does alright with his Dad and Aunt Andrea. And his temper really flares up if he is hungry and I don't feed him right that very second. He's a little impatient (and he gets that from Jarrod). He loves to be tickled, though he hasn't quite figured out how to laugh. His mouth opens up wide and he shakes his body a little, but no sound comes out. Soon, I'm sure.

Physically, he is strong. He doesn't do some of the visual stuff Hayden did at this age (like focus on small objects, or follow them with his eyes), but he is extremely steady for being 2 months old. He hold his head up with no problem and he can easily lift his chest off the ground when placed on his stomach. He's a light sleeper and I often find him whining because he has rolled from his back to his stomach in his sleep.

As for appearances, he has started to look way more like me. My mother has a baby picture of me wearing this Mickey Mouse necklace, and, I swear, sometimes I glance at Vincent and see that photo. Jarrod has black hair and brown eyes and his half-Mexican - all the dominant features - yet Vincent looks like me. My mother once told me that I have strong features, despite the fact that I have brown hair and blue eyes, and I am beginning to suspect it is true. Both of my children seem to have my eyes (though Vincent's may change) and my hair colour (for now). Since I look like my father, I think he is pulling strings in the after world to make sure his grandbabies look like him too.

Vincent is a ball of joy though. I still haven't gotten over the fact that I have a son. A boy. A mama's boy, at that! He's such a cuddly little thing, and he adores being held. I know to soak up his love too, because he won't be this little forever.

His 2 month photos (a reminder - I am taking a photo
of him wearing the exact same shirt and Baby Legs
each month to see how he is growing)

For comparison. He can definitely hold up his head a lot

This one you can tell a lot is
different. He has more meat
on him - he's not just skin and
bones. And his skin is lighter