Saturday, January 17, 2009

City North

We wanted to spend some time with
Jarrod before he had to leave, so he
took us to City North. It's this area of
Glendale that is suppose to be
designed to look like New York shops
and venues and stuff. We stopped and
got Hayden some frozen yogurt,
which she covered with candies

This picture makes me miss him

The set-up at City North

Vincent Henry Thomas - 2.5 months old

All my babies

More of City North

Hayden - almost 3 years old

I love Jarrod's dorky look in the background. And my
God, aren't Hayden's eyes to die for?

Vincent has become such the little
thumb sucker

Making funny faces at me

More of our January weather =)

We went to the park afterward and Hayden made
allies with this little German boy who gave her gum.
He kept following her around shouting, "HEY! I'm
your friend!!!"