Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a Couple

**I added 3 new posts from the most recent days, however, I also realized I never posted the pictures from Flagstaff. We went on January 4th, so if you want to see those pictures, you can find them HERE**

Hayden drew this all by herself in a letter I sent to
Jarrod. I helped her write Daddy, but she did everything
else. She drew the head, the hair, eyes, mouth, eyebrows,
and cheeks - all on her own. I'm proud!

Hayden - 3 years old

Vincent - almost 3 months old

He must have been crying? I don't know why his eyes
are so red

One of the first times he's actually played with that
thing. Well, by "played" I mean "looked at"

Hayden playing with her baby brother