Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hockey & Frosting

That has to be my new favourite diaper of his. It's very
... fitting?

More of Amariah. Just over 2 weeks old

Hayden licking the frosting for Jarrod's birthday cake
off the mixers

Justin was licking the frosting off too

"Uncle" Justin and Vincent

Hayden's hair looks so funny because
she pulled out her pony tail, which
had been in all day

We took Vincent to the ice rink later to watch Justin
(who has been Jarrod's best friend since kindergarten
for those who don't know) play a hockey game.
Vincent and I watched safely from behind a few layers
of glass, but Jarrod went into the arena to take some
pictures of the game (though Justin's team lost)

Justin's mom, Mary, holding Vincent