Saturday, January 10, 2009

My 20th Birthday Celebration

Justin meets Vincent

This is why I am always behind the camera

Mom with Mariah (my 2nd cousin
through my cousin Ashleigh). We
went to Debbie's house to have a
little 20th birthday party get-
together for me. It let me see some
family members from my Dad's side
whom I have been missing terribly

My cousin Ashleigh with Vincent

Mariah and Vincent. It's funny with my family because
all of the "cousins" were born near each-other. My
sister is the same age as Jennifer, Ashleigh, and Angela
and I am in the same age as Justin, Heather, Angie,
and Amy. Then, we all went on to have kids so all
the 3rd cousins are around the same age. Jayden is
next to Brendan, Hayden with Talen and Serenity,
and then Vincent, Mariah (who are less than 3 weeks
apart in age), and Amy's baby is due in
March. It's amusing

A little smile from Mariah. Vincent just looks confused

Destinee (Ashleigh's oldest) holding

My uncle Dugan with Vince

Vincent with my cousin Angela

Destinee was a little model. She kept posing and asking
me to take a picture

AJ, Ashleigh, Angela, and Vincent

Angela with her daughter

My cousin Heather

I think she put that on her head in
hopes of deterring me from taking a
picture. Quite the contrary...

Destinee, Talen, and Jayden all made me cards

Me with Talen (another 2nd cousin of mine through

Justin with Vincent

I think Debbie and my mum were looking at Mariah

Jessie and Beth