Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hayden's Birthday Party

We held a birthday party for Hayden/
going away party for Jarrod. We
pushed up Hayden's birthday just
a tad early because I wanted
Jarrod to be here when we
celebrated it


I liked the location of the balloons

Trying to figure out how
many "3" is. It's cute.
She now (FINALLY!)
will answer people
when they question
how old she is. She
pronounces, "I'm
free!" [close enough]

Justin approves this message

Andrea with Amariah and Melissa with Vincent

Hayden became Elise's new best
friend when she let her play with her

Justin, Jarrod, TJ, and Kaiwan



Josh, Justin, and Vincent

Vincent really seemed to like Justin

Hayden's awesome Spiderman cake that she was super
thrilled about

Opening presents will the cake thawed
a little

Singing, "Happy Birthday."

Justin multi-tasking

The Ehards. Jean wanted me to take these

Sue, Kay, and Jay

4 generations of Ehards. Grandma Ehard, Jarrod,
Jay, and Vincent

The Spiderman that used to
be atop the cake escaped

Hayden drinking from the tea set she was given