Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinner at Dad's

Hayden asked to watch The
Business of Being Born (referring to
it as "babies! babies!") and both my
kids sat there and watched a good
hour of the documentary

Hayden has really been into being a "mommy"
to her baby doll. She changes his diapers and
his clothes, but I guess I am his wet nurse.
She also decided his name was Vincent too.

Hayden with my niece, Anna

Hayden was really into bossing
Anna around

Anna fell in love with Jarrod. He's
normally not a baby person, but I
think becoming a Dad has made him
a softy. And kids just cling to him.
Anna cried whenever Jarrod tried to
set her down and she literally
climbed up his shirt when he
kneeled down. It was cute

I like Vincent's "save me!" face.
He's sitting with my sister, Alicia

Hayden Lisbeth Faith - almost 3
years old (35 months)

Vincent with my dad

And then Hayden with Grandpa