Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vincent Really Likes Hayden!

I asked Hayden to keep Vincent company because he was crying (poor
baby was all alone and oh-so-dramatic) and I had to wash the dishes.
I got distracted with the adorableness and needed to take some
pictures. Hayden insisted on holding Vincent's hands

He wouldn't let go of her! The entire time she was next to him he was
just staring at her - following her every move. I can't wait to see how
they interact once Vincent starts moving around

You know how some people refer to the television as "the babysitter"
(I'll admit, Ni-Hao whatsherface is the reason I am able to shower by
myself sometimes) Want to see how I keep Vincent amused when I
can't hold him?

Apparently Vincent's "babysitter" is himself. He's his own number one
fan. Thank you, Photo Booth (I should submit this to Apple - it looks
like one giant Mac ad)