Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vincent's 4 Months Old!

I'm a little late on this. Sorry, we've been really busy!

So, Vincent is officially 4 months old and looking HUGE. He has really started to fill out. He no longer carries that "newborn" look. He has lost hair, but he is not completely bald - which astounds me as Hayden was born with 10 times as much hair as Vincent but was as bald as a bowling ball by now.

Vincent has really started to express likes and dislikes. He likes eating. He dislikes not eating. He is definitely a mama's boy. He really does not like being set down for any reason, which is okay. I don't mind holding and loving my babies. He is slowly learning how to entertain himself, however. He recently started reaching out for toys and he "plays" with them (or, sticks them in his mouth). EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. Mostly, his hands. I have to stop him short of gagging himself sometimes. I think he is going to be a thumb sucker, just like his dad was.

His newest milestone is rolling over. He often rolls on to his stomach and then rolls on to his back. He can easily make it across the living room floor if you give him enough time. He HATES just lying there though. He wants to sit up or stand (with help, of course) He has also become more vocal. He's been laughing for awhile, but he recently started shrieking! It's a little loud sometimes, but he cracks himself up.

He's still exclusively breastfed and we have chosen not to start solids for some time. That being said, he's 26 inches long and when I weighed him on the 26th (when he "officially" became 4 months old) - he was 13 lbs 11 oz. He's growing into a big, strong boy!

Always with his hands in his mouth!

At one month old and now - at 4 months old. He has definitely
"filled out." He's stronger - and look at his legs! Also, he no
longer has an "innie."

Monthly timeline