Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hayden's 1st "Real" Haircut

Alice literally "wearing" Vincent

Over-exposed, but still pretty decent

Hayden getting her first "real" haircut. We went to this great
place where they let her sit in a car-chair and she was able to
watch Spongebob. The girl cutting Hayden's hair was also
absolutely wonderful

Vincent looks so worried!

I didn't take an "after" shot with my camera, so I just took this
photo with my cellphone. We went with a "bob." It's a lot less
maintenance and Hayden looks adorable!

I let Vincent try some applesauce. A little early, but he seems so
interested in food. He didn't like it at all though, so we stopped. I
was hoping it'd be a little longer before he was really totally
digging solids