Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wildlife World Zoo

Amariah blowing spit bubbles

Miss Hayden. Melissa, Andrea, Carson, Hayden, Vincent,
Amariah, and I all went to the Wildlife World Zoo

Some idiot gave the monkey cotton candy. A zoo worker came
by all annoyed because she said the monkey would probably get
sick. Poor little guy

An albino alligator

I love Hayden's facial expressions in these 2 photos

Vincent REALLY liked Carson

I'll say it - even knowing she's going to read this -
my sister-in-law is weird

She has a lot of attitude for such a little person

At the petting zoo portion. The deer was trying to eat Andrea's map

This llama was extremely photogenic (at least, I think it's a llama?)

It was trying to eat Hayden's hair

A goat also tried to eat my keys

Feeding the "starved" animals

Carson being followed because he had feed in his hands

Inside the aquarium

Poor Vincey in the bright pink carrier

Turtles to end the trip