Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Last Day With Jarrod

Jarrod's flight had to take pictures on Saturday before they
got their day passes. Finding Jarrod was like playing "Where's
Waldo." They all look the same

I told Jarrod I was going to title this "Another Brick in the Wall."
Poor kid

We went around San Antonio for awhile,
but it was extremely crowded and packed
and Jarrod wanted to do "nothing." We
ended up heading back to Steve & Anne's
(they ever so graciously let us stay in their
home for the duration of our trip)

Mr. Martin (who was very into the camera)


And Charles

Martin really liked Vincent

Back at the base, saying goodbye to Jarrod for THREE months.
He's staying at Lackland for a couple more weeks for his air crew
training, he then goes to a naval base in Florida for water
survival/parachute stuff (I think), than SERE training in
Washington, and finally his loadmaster training in either
Oklahoma or Alabama. Somewhere in that time, we'll
be able to find out where we'll be living permanently

Saying goodbye to Alice

(my shirt is from Joe's Crab Shack, where we ate earlier that

Me saying goodbye