Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Coin Ceremony

At Lackland Air Force Base. Andrea wearing
Vincent in the mei tei while we waited to
catch a glimpse of Jarrod during the
"congratulatory" Airman's run

Not Jarrod's squadron, but I liked how they were all yelling out
the Jodys

Jarrod's squadron (he's 6th down from the group furthest to
the right)

After the run, we had some time to spare. I
was bored and therefore took a lot of photos

We were on the bleachers, waiting for the coin
ceremony to start

Can you see the little hermit-baby?

Jarrod's flight

His flight got "beast excellence" for doing the best during their
deployment-preparation-and-stuff thing that they did

Our reunion

Vincey beating Jarrod up

Hanging out during Jarrod's base liberties